1000 Views. In One Week.

Hello everyone!

Tonight, I want to thank everyone who has been supporting my #WhoIsMiggyTorres in the week since its official launch. Moreover, I’d like to share some exciting news: at around 6PM this evening we received our 11,000th view!

Only a week ago, at the start of this campaign, my acclaimed Snapstory had only 10,000 views gathered over the course of more than a year. In just 7 days, we have amassed another thousand! I would like to extend my thanks to the entire “who is miggy torres” community—both newcomers and longtime fans. I would like to extend a special thank you to Steph Horan who—unbeknownst to her (but knownst to me)—was my 11,000th viewer. In deep gratitude, the “who is miggy torres” campaign is awarding her a special personalized #WhoIsMiggyTorres 11k Trophy, seen [below].1As originally published, the accompanying image would have been shown "to the right" of the above text.

Steph's Trophy, awarded for being my 11,000th viewer.

More trophies will be awarded for other milestones as the campaign continues, so be on the lookout!

Speaking of milestones, our Snapchat Selfie Competition is in full swing! At the time of this post, we’ve received 44 submissions! Some competitors, have decided to send in multiple entries! Bear in mind, however, that the winner will be decided based on quality, not quantity, so don’t feel intimidated if you’ve only submitted one—on the contrary, I hope this inspires new members of the “who is miggy torres” community to become entrants. We’ve seen some immensely creative submissions thus far, and it makes my hair stand on end to think of what some of you might have in store: crazy filters, strange angles, it’s all fair game.

Once again, you guys. Seriously. Thanks. From the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to another step on the road to 100,000 views on my Snapchat story @miggtorr, where I will continue to bring you the most fiercely evocative and courageously relevant content Snapchat has to offer. And remember:

Whether whispered o’er waning fire or shouted from one thousand rooftops, no one can tell your story quite like you. So tell it. And tell it right now.



• • •


1 As originally published, the accompanying image would have been shown "to the right" of the above text.

Originally published Monday, 21 March 2016.