Snapchat Selfie Competition:

A New Way to Support “who is miggy torres”

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce a new way for you to support the “who is miggy torres” social media campaign! Not only can you like, react to, comment on, or share related content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but “who is miggy torres” is giving you a way of creating your own personalized content.

The process is simple:

  1. Take a compelling photo of yourself on Snapchat. Must be a selfie.*No nudes, please.
  2. Overlay “who is miggy torres” in big letters, lowercase, and centralized as shown.
  3. Send the snap to me @miggtorr and post the photo to your Snapstory for the world to see!

Later in the campaign, I will handpick what I feel are the best submissions and feature those in a special “who is miggy torres” promotional collage. Judging will be based upon emotional impact, creativity, photo quality, formatting, and personal beauty.

Proper text formatting for your "who is miggy torres" selfie submission.

Not into selfies? Having a bad hair day? Are you dressed poorly? In a witness protection program? Generally ugly? No problem! While I would encourage you to still take a selfie (perhaps a mysterious silhouette), you can still support the campaign by using the hashtag #WhoIsMiggyTorres—with the appropriate capitalization—on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

I wish you all Happy Snapping!

And always remember:

The 1000 words a picture is worth are only as valuable as the story they tell.



• • •


* No nudes, please.

Originally published Monday, 14 March 2016.