"who is…" CT Summerfest

Hello everyone!

I’d excited to announce a new undertaking in the “who is miggy torres” Official Social Media Campaign:

“who is miggy torres” is delighted to be partnering with Connecticut Summerfest, a 501(c)(3) non-profit contemporary music festival that is holding its inaugural season this summer at the Hartt School of Music.

CT Summerfest—directed by artistic visionaries Gala Flagello and Aarón N. Price—is taking place on June 9-15, and will feature new works by participant composers, played by the resident ensembles: Apple Orange Pair, Deciduous Trio, and Resound Duo.

L to R: Founders/Artistic Directors Gala Flagello and Aaron Price, Miggy Torres

I’m extremely excited to be a part of this festival, and I encourage everyone to make a small contribution to them via their online fundraiser: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/support-connecticut-summerfest-new-music-festival.1Link no longer active. CT Summerfest is not like the big established festivals like Atlantic, Aspen, or Brevard. They’re just getting off the ground, so every contribution—even $1—is extremely helpful.

To aid in their fundraising, “who is miggy torres” is offering special rewards to “who is miggy torres” fans who contribute to the Festival:

  1. $1-9 — a personal shoutout on my acclaimed Snapstory.
  2. $10-$19 — a special “who is miggy torres” Donor Snapchat Emblem.
  3. $20-29 — a unique “who is miggy torres” desktop wallpaper, tailored to your screen/phone’s resolution (not necessarily a selfie of me, but hey, if you’re into that).
  4. $30-$39 — an official “who is miggy torres” t-shirt. You heard me. Yes a real one.
  5. $40-$49 — an hand-crafted “who is miggy torres” tea/coffee mug. Start your day with me.
  6. $50 and above — a factory-woven “who is miggy torres” tote bag. To carry all your selfies in.

If you wish to donate, follow the link above, and shoot me a Snap or Facebook message saying you donated so I can cross-reference it with Gala and Aaron. To help with verifying your donation, try not to donate anonymously.

Small festivals like these are what truly gives life to new music, so I’m hoping a lot of you can make donations. And remember:

There exists a certain ineffable vitality in the music of today; far from being a fossil, its story has just begun.



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1 Link no longer active.

Originally published Saturday, 16 April 2016.