who is miggy torres

who is miggy torres is an experimental work of digital performance art that occurred over 79 days in 2016, from March 13 to May 29, in the form of a social media campaign that—through a blend of technology, popular culture, satire, high fashion, and a touch of good humor—explored the Sisyphistic search for identity within media in which identities are artificially constructed.

The work transcended various media but manifested in four main ways: 1) a curated collection of 81 unique self-portraits taken once-a-day over the course of the campaign (including two portraits taken on April 10, 12, 16, 19, and May 17; with portraits omitted on April 18 & May 16) published on Instagram, 2) a transient daily LiveVlog using Snapchat’s story feature, 3) a series of short essays published on Facebook using the Notes blogging feature, and 4) an interactive component featuring submissions of self-portraits by audience members that received 134 individual submissions.

The self-portraits, selected audience submissions, and essays will have been reproduced below. The transient nature of the LiveVlog is inherent to the affect of the medium. For that reason, I have refrained from including it here.

The #WhoIsMiggyTorres Collection

The original curated collection of 81 unique self-portraits taken as part of the who is miggy torres Social Media Campaign.

Experience the story from the beginning.

Tap or hover over each image for its original caption and date of publication.

13 March 2016
Join the party.
14 March 2016
Everyone needs a little
Torres in their life.
15 March 2016
Get your daily dose.
16 March 2016
Everyone loves a little
Torres in the morning.
Get your fix.
17 March 2016
Vie. Art. Intensité. Torres.
18 March 2016
Catch the sun.
Catch some Torres.
19 March 2016
Time to talk Torres.
20 March 2016
Some snaps make you raise an eyebrow.
Torres snaps make
you raise both.
21 March 2016
Torres. Émotion pure.
22 March 2016
Hahaha omg wait who took this???
23 March 2016
What's cookin', good lookin'?
24 March 2016
The city calls. Rad.
25 March 2016
Identity is a construct.
What is memory?
26 March 2016
Nū. Dū.
27 March 2016
Funny faces on beautiful daze.
28 March 2016
Peek a boo.
29 March 2016
après René.
30 March 2016
31 March 2016
1 April 2016
Fancy up your life.
2 April 2016
3 April 2016
I never much liked Picasso.
4 April 2016
5 April 2016
You've been in a coma for the last five days.
We're trying to reach you.
Wake up. Wake up.
6 April 2016
Smart isn't the new sexy.
Smart has always been sexy.
7 April 2016
Utensil is only an
extension of the self.
8 April 2016
afterparty chill
9 April 2016
The scent of dark coffee.
10 April 2016
Clearly the smize runs in the family.
10 April 2016
I'm so rich I can just put money on my face.
11 April 2016
Although I leave Cayuga's shores, I'll remember you.
12 April 2016
12 April 2016
Brussels Sprouts. Eggs.
Watch. Make. Learn.
13 April 2016
And this is my story.
14 April 2016
15 April 2016
16 April 2016
Vitamin D.
16 April 2016
Fresh Sounds.
17 April 2016
19 April 2016
Dreamtime. The lake.
19 April 2016
not a question
20 April 2016
Are you unawake.
21 April 2016
Rise and grind.
22 April 2016
tu poses la bonne question?
23 April 2016
Nū. Dū. Tū.
24 April 2016
I'm sick of pretty people.
25 April 2016
26 April 2016
b e r n i e s a n d e r s
27 April 2016
We find our way by starlight, but see the dawn before the rest of the world.
28 April 2016
There's book smart. Then there's street smart.
29 April 2016
composer composeur
30 April 2016
Mornings filled with tea and eyebrows.
1 May 2016
2 May 2016
in some way it is indescribable
3 May 2016
4 May 2016
take off your cool
5 May 2016
where do i go from here
6 May 2016
For something a little softer; a little more deliberate…
7 May 2016
9 May 2016
Unmask your sorrows.
8 May 2016
10 May 2016
Return to nature.
11 May 2016
14 May 2016
12 May 2016
13 May 2016
15 May 2016
Sometimes it's better just to cut the shit and smile for real for once because smizing can end up making you look like a fucking tool.
17 May 2016
17 May 2016
The projection of your true self, like the wave, will always diffract.
18 May 2016
Our deepest fears are born inside our heads. Let go.
19 May 2016
20 May 2016
Dū. Grū. Redū.
21 May 2016
long days and wild nights
12 May 2016
oil on canvas
23 May 2016
my eyes are hazel
24 May 2016
Après René. Deux.
25 May 2016
? cambria
26 May 2016
blå ånde
27 May 2016
Need to wear this disguise when I'm walking down the street in Manhattan so people don't contantly walk up to me and ask: #WhoIsMiggyTorres
28 May 2016
20 May 2016
Full circle.

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Selected Audience Submissions

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